I believe…

Hmmm, I cannot get the song by Bon Jovi, I Believe:
I believe, I believe
With every breath that I breathe
You and me can turn a whisper to a scream
I believe, I believe

I Belive that I will love Jon Bon Jovi till the day I day. LOL. Really! It has alraedy been too many years to count. Was ’84 really that long ago?

Ok so, I believe:

  • The Earth has a strength and a power that amazes me.
  • Life itself is a miracle.
  • Babies feet are absolutely YUMMY!
  • So is chocolate.
  • I will never ever stop loving my kids.
  • But the two of them are planty enough for me.
  • My dog is one of my best friends.
  • Purple is my favorite color. (Today)
  • My two cats, Ziggy and PJ are up in Heaven, or at the Rainbow Bridge and we will see each other today.
  • That my son truly has a “guardian dragon.”
  • In reincarnation, and that I had died previously by drowning.
  • That the summer is much nicer than the winter.
  • That ghosts exist.
  • That I would give my life for my kids.
  • I would kill to protect them.
  • But I am against the death penalty.
  • We are polluting the Earth.
  • That I have strong opinions.
  • I should have been born a “real” blond.
  • Faeries exist.
  • A sense of humor is one of the best traits to have.
  • Honesty is another.
  • I cannot lie.
  • And I am having fun writing this!

5 responses to “I believe…

  1. Love this list!
    This was such a great challenge and you ran away with it!!

    I agree with SOOO much on your list especially Jon Bon Jovi!! LOL

  2. It is SO, SO scary how long ago ’84 was!!! You did a great job on your list – I loved reading it!

  3. It’s so funny that you mention ’84…Today at the store I recognized this muscular young guy and when I asked him if he attended the high school I used to teach at, he said yes. He said he graduated there in 1984 and how much he appreciated that my husband and I had gone to all of the football games that he played in. (I tried to support the students as much as I could.) I never taught him but he still remembered me and even called me by name. Wow! That was really neat.

  4. I love every bit of your list! Great job! As for the 80’s, check out my post from yesterday and we’ll see how much you truly loved the 80’s!

  5. What a list! Great post!

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