Which quality best describes your life–exciting, …

Which quality best describes your life–exciting, organised, dull, etc? How would someone else describe it (like your children, a high school friend, random person on the street)?

This is one tough question…. I tend to be a private person in many respects. Only my few close freinds really know the inner me. So let me take a step back and see if I can describe me in an observer’s eyes.

On the first glance, I bet I look happy and bubbly. I get the whole “bubbly” description a lot. I am petite, long blond curly hair and I tend to joke around a lot. I love having fun with my kids, so people will often see me chasing them around the playground, without a care in the world.

They would see an environmentally conscious person, one who cares deeply about our Earth. They would see the joy I get from being outside, either playing or working in my yard.

They would see a person who looks much younger than she is. Most people guess me to be ablout 10 years younger than I am. They see someone who dresses in junior’s fashions, and seemingly full of energy.

And that is the part that I hide so well. I have so many cares and worries and so much confusion and instability in my life. Hubby has been on disability for two years and things are no better. The exhaustion I feel so deeply inside is kept away. The dark clouds are tucked inside of me. Very few people know of them and if they do, they seem amazed how “strong” I am.

Hah. I wish I was half as strong, half as happy, and half as energetic as I appear to be.


2 responses to “Which quality best describes your life–exciting, …

  1. Is it maybe that you’re choosing to be joyful whenever you can? Joy isn’t the same thing as happiness–happiness, as Glynis says, depends on external circumstance, but you can choose to be JOYFUL. Sounds to me like that’s what you’ve chosen for yourself. See my most recent post at http://wksinprogress.blogspot.com/

    Hang in there–everything changes.

  2. I think you are showing great courage and bravery to keep on smiling, being bubbly and playing with your children. That can’t always be easy. Your children will always have those happy memories of you having fun with them.

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