Grandmother Grandaughter
Connections through the generations.

I have been blessed to have close relationships with my mother, her mother, and my daughter.
My Grandma has been deceased for 13 years, yet still is stil a part of our lives. My daughter, who at 7, never met my Grandma in person, has a strong connection with Grandma Finelli and loves to talk about her.

When I was a kid, I loved to visit with Grandma. My mom and I wouldgo down to her house, take her out, do a bit of shopping,then out to luch. It was always a special day, and my mom even let me take days off from school to go with her. I adore my Grandma, and think, to this day, she was an amazing, strong woman.

After my Grandma died, my mom and I would go out every so often, but we both worked full time, so that tradition faded away. Then after my son was born, Mom and I would take him out. We would do a bit of shopping (aka all of the errands that are hard to accomplish with a baby on your own) then grab some lunch.

Caitlyn was born, and we just added her into the picture. It seemed that suddenly, we went from having two meals, with the kids eating off our plates, to two adult meals, two kids meals, and then we *had* to have dessert!

Scott started school full days when he was 6 and Cait was 4. My poor mother missed him terribly, but we continued on without him. I have to admit, she always had to bring him back something special, so he didn’t feel left out. But that sadness of missing him was nothing compared to how she felt when Caitlyn went to school full time as well. I think my mother lives for the days when they are off at school and the four of us can be together again.

Scott insists that he doesn’t want to get married or have kids, so at this point, I have to wonder if the traditions will pass him by. In all fairness, he is only 9, soo there will be no pressure from Mom, until he is at least 25. LOL

Cait, on the other hand, already talks about the day that she will go out shopping and to lunch with her daughter, me, and my mom. I look forward to the day when we can continue the tradtions of generations.


One response to “Generations

  1. What a sweet story! Your family sounds wonderful, all generations of them!

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