Even though it is Sunday, almost dinner time, I want to do this Blog post. I tend to minimize any of my accomplishments. I don’t lnow why, I just don’t like to talk about *me* very much I guess.

But the other day, I friend passed a comment how the greatest gift you can give a child, is to love and respect your spouse. Even though my husband and I have had our share of disagreements and instability in the past two years, I feel that they greatest gift does not have to be a happy homelife. Now, before anyone takes that the wrong way, what I mean is that it was kind of crappy advice, IMO, to think that only the most loving families are giving their child a great gift.

I think that one of my best accomplishments is also one of the best gifts I can give my children- my unconditional love, the knowledge that even when life is hard that we all have the strength to stick it out.

My kids are good kids, solid good kids. Yeah, they screw up sometimes, but they know that even when they screw up, I am there. I might not like what they did, but I still love them anyway.

I give them the gift in the knowledge that life is not easy, marriage is not easy. But when you do love each other, you stick together even when things are bad. Of course, my kids are in no danger and my husbands loves them deeply, which is a gift he gives them.

So basically, my accomplishment is that even though we have been through hell as a family, they are secure, confident, mannerly, caring, and fun kids. In that, I am doing my job as a mom who will always do my best for my kids.


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