Coloring my World

What colors are you drawn to? Which ones depress you? Are there any that you love but don’t surround yourself with or wear? Why?

Since I was little I have been drawn to the same basic color families over and over. Blues, green and purples. At various times, I am drawn to different shades, tints, and tones of those basic colors. Right now, I am wearing a teal and sage green shirt, one of my favorites. My bedroom is decorated is a soothing grey and lavender. My business logo is one of teals, pinks, and purples. Any of those colors, and a touch of silver and I am happy, whether it be in decorating, clothing, accessories or designing a craft project.

I think that this connects to me because these are “fluid” and non- obtrusive colors. Soft, serene, yet a touch funky. Like those colors, I am pretty shy, but a bit wacky and outgoing when you get to know me.

Red, oranges and bright yellows. To me they are like raucous music. They clash and make me on edge. My mother loves to decorate with red, as does my best friend. I don’t feel comfortable in those rooms very much. I guess that is because red is a vibrant, outgoing color. Red, along with yellows and oranges, seems to shout “Look at me!” which is one of the last things I would ever say.

It is interesting since I have read a bit on color therapy and gem stone therapy where you use colors and gems to help with emotional issues. The colors and gems vibrate at different frequencies and you tend to be attracted tot he ones you need, psychologically, the most. I like keeping an eye on how I react to different colors over time. A few years ago, I was feeling very solid, stable and grounded. I adored green. I wanted everything to be in shades of green. To me, green is a very earthy, feet in the grass, connect with Mother Earth-y type of color.
Right now, I am mostly drawn to plums and lavender These are more healing, spiritual and calming colors, which is really exactly what I need.


4 responses to “Coloring my World

  1. You have some wonderful insights into colors. And I seem to be drawn to many of the same colors as you.

  2. WOW! This is fascinating! I think I am very similar to you with the shyness, yet wackiness when comfortable. And yet, I love reds and oranges. I didn’t used to, just in the last few years.

    I wonder what that means. Your post has really made me think, thank you for sharing it!

  3. This was very interesting. Even when I look at your picture, you seem very centered and calm but not shy. I think these colors suit you well.

  4. I think you’re right about being drawn to the colours that you need to help you and that it might change over time. Loved reading your post!

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