Playing hookey!

If I could take tomorrow off of work, I’d…

Even though I am technically a SAHM, I work with a friend who owns a house cleaning business one or two days a week. Additionally, I am my mother in law’s “personal assistant” and either clean for her, work on her accounting, pattern testing etc for her quilt business. So yeah… I am the SAHM that is always working for other people, outside of her home. LOL

The bad news for today is that my friend is very sick with walking pneumonia. The good news is that I don’t have to work today. Since I didn’t have anything else scheduled for the day, I am going to get some of my own housework done, then I am going to play with a new program my mother in law wants to be learn for fabric design- a kaleidoscope pattern maker. It should be fun!


2 responses to “Playing hookey!

  1. A new program – what fun! I love playing with new computer things. Enjoy!

  2. Sounds like a gift getting a free day like that (bad luck for your friend though) Hope you had/have fun!

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