Comfort foods????

Today’s prompt is to write about a favorite comfort food.

Well, well, well. That sure is a loaded topic for me. The quick answer is “it depends.” It depends on what I need comfort for. Am I feeling sorry for myself? Angry? Hormonal? Or am I happy and wanting to pamper myself with food?

The easiest one to answer is if I am hormonal. Give me chocolate covered pretzels. The sweetness, the saltiness, the smooth chocolate and the satisfying crunch of the pretzel makes them the *perfect* hormone therapy.

If I am angry… well that is easier to answer than to do. When I am angry or upset, I prefer air. As in nothing. I won’t eat at all. This can be a bit dangerous for me, a recovering anorexic. In order to shut down uncomfortable emotions, I won’t eat. The denial of hunger pangs is just as satiating to me as eating a plate full of cookies may be to someone else.

If I am feeling sorry for myself and a bit melancholy, I like the comfort foods of childhood. Homemade baked macaroni or cheese and crackers. I guess they make me feel like my mom is there with me, making me feel like everything is really going to be ok.

The one that is the nicest to think about is when I am happy and want to pamper myself a bit. This is the time when my family goes out to dinner and there is good feelings, joy and contentment. That is when I like something rich and decadent. Shrimp scampi or fettucini alfredo. Garlic bread. And perhaps even dessert.


4 responses to “Comfort foods????

  1. I loved reading your post. I hope that you don’t get those feelings, where you don’t want to eat, too often. I love macaroni and cheese too. It’s funny that I’m the same way, depending on the mood depends on the food!

  2. Yep, chocolate-covered pretzels are just about perfect. Now I’m hungry again!!

  3. “It depends” is a good answer. I agree, I also crave different things at different times for different reasons. And right now, after reading your post I’m starving for some garlic bread … MMMM

  4. This is an amazing, honest post. Thank you for sharing it with us, it’s about far more than just food.

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