A trip down memory lane

What aspect of play do you miss most about childhood?

When I first typed the title, it said “I trip down memory lane.” Freudian slip, would you say?
I like that as a title better than “A Trip.”
My memories of my childhood tend to be hazy, with occasional huge chunks missing. I’ll blame it on my mom who always threw the few photos she took in a big ol’ box. (JK mom, just some scrapbooker humor!).

What I think I miss most about childhood, in not a thing, but that elusive and intangible feeling of FREEDOM. That glorious feeling of total unselfconsciousness. That feeling of no worries and no concept of the future as an adult sees it. The future hold all possibilities. As a child, I wanted to be a queen who rescued animals and never had to see one sick or die. And why not? Money, war, taxes…. it was as if they were in a whole different universe. I ate what I wanted and never worried if it would make me fat or give me cancer some day.
I loved being able to run or spin in circles and not care what other people thought. I loved having imaginary friends and superpowers , and *gasp* no one thought I was crazy! I loved not having anything to do, but stare up at the clouds on a warm summer day. The summer would seem to last forever because there was no schedule, no to-do list that kept me from simply being.

Innocence. That is what I miss.


8 responses to “A trip down memory lane

  1. I trip..LOL! Thats great!!!Pretty much the way I feel about life..lol. Great post!

  2. This was really great! As you described the spinning, I could picture you (from your picture) spinning with absolute delight and innocence! What a great post!

  3. The summer of my dreams! I hope that was what I was able to give my children. They seem to think so.

  4. I am right there with you, tripping down memory lane… remembering those innocent days!

  5. Lovely memories! You did a great job with this prompt!

  6. Wasn’t it great not to be thinking about the future and having no worries! It’s a shame that adults get so serious!! I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on childhood 🙂

  7. Yes, I can understand missing lost innocence. There’s a song by Jewel about something similiar…something about Alice in Wonderland…wish I could remember the title. Anyway, excellent post!

  8. EXACTLY!! That freedom is exactly what I was thinking about when I thought up this prompt! I miss that feeling of possibility. I love your description of it, you made me feel it for just a moment!

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