Favorite Words

This is a tough prompt.
On the one hand , I could make it easy for myself and say words like love, children, summer vacation. On the other hand, I feel that Meg has a lot more that she wants us to get at with this prompt. So I am sitting here with only one cup of coffee in my thinking about what words I like.

I like silly made up words. Like schootchy. As in having a scootchy kid who won’t sit still.
Then there are the words that sound weird to you , like “hamper.” Say that to yourself. It will always sound odd and make you laugh.

Ok, here is my first one.
Beauty. This word has so many meanings. Most people take beauty at face value (no pun intended!) but I like to think of the myriad meaning of thus word. I think of the beauty of the sunset. The beauty of a child being born (which obviously has no “classic beauty” involved haha!). The beauty in a wrinkled wizened face. The beauty of a hug. Or of gut-busting laughter. The scribble on my wall, made by my then 2 year old son in bright blue crayon, who told me it said “I love you mommy.”

I challenge you to look deep into that word and see it for what it is. It is not the person of the week on People Magazine. It is everything but.

(Yikes! Looking at the time and I have to go wake the kids for school.- I will hopefully be able to add more!


4 responses to “Favorite Words

  1. How can anyone be mad when the scribble says I love you?! That one got me too and its not even my kid!
    With so much ugliness out there right now, its nice to think about your meanings of beauty.

  2. I love the idea of your “made-up words”.

  3. Great choice for a word and explaining why you chose it…thanks for making me think!

  4. Wonderful! These prompts are to be as shallow or deep as you want to make them. I am overjoyed that you are allowing them to make you really think and explore!

    Love your made up and real choices!

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