The beauty of nature

“What is the neatest thing you have ever seen in nature or made by nature?”

I am such the nature girl, as long as I can get a hot shower at the end of the day. LOL
My list:

  • Childbirth. From conception to birth , it simply amazes me how two cells can become a beautiful child.
  • Spiderwebs. Even though I am not all that fond of spiders, they make amazing webs. Sitting and watching how quickly they make then is also astounding.
  • Rainbows and sunshowers. Thunder and hail. Beauty and the beasts I guess. nature in all of its fury and glory. Fierce and gentle.
  • Wolves. My family took a trip to the Lakota Wolf Preserve in Columbia, NJ. They are the most gorgeous creatures. After seeing a special on the “Global Wolf” on Animal Planet, it simply amazes me how family oriented yet misunderstood they are.
  • Plants as they poke their heads out of the ground after a long winter. That sight of returning life helps me to re-birth myself.

3 responses to “The beauty of nature

  1. I’m glad you reminded me about spider webs. As a hiker, I see a lot of them and they are beautiful, especially in the mornings when the dew is still on them.

  2. I have thought about the great wonder and miracle of two tiny cells creating a beautiful child. Mind blowing. And to carry these babies as they grow is amazing too!

  3. Isn’t nature amazing? As much as I love looking at spider webs though, I find the little critters to be amazing as well.

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