Love for Learning

If you could go back to school (and time, money, other commitments are not an issue), what would you study and why?

I would probably study zillions of things (like grammar, perhaps LOL) . I love to learn and have so much interest in so many things. I have also noticed that at this point in my life, as my children are a bit older and don’t need 100% of my attention all day, I crave learning about new things.

I would like to study both academic and practical subjects, for knowledge and abilities.
Some of the academic subjects would include politic science and international studies, including economics, world history and ancient cultures, and something in the wildlife/ecology field.

When I actually was in college, political science and current events was the farthest thing of interest in my mind. Talk about a major buzz kill for me, the party girl. Looking back, I could kick myself for not being more involved and knowledgeable. (Warning: Political rant coming) I am very unhappy with he way our country and society has evolved over the last few decades. We have – generally speaking- become greedy, self centered and under the assumption that we, as Americans, can do no wrong. And what a mess we are in. It makes me sad, and it makes me angry. Now I want to be informed and outspoken in my beliefs and dreams to make this countrygreat again, the way our forefathers had planned.

World history just fascinated me. Boggles the mind. Yet even thought I had to take world history course back then, they were dry and academic. Lots of facts and dates that are easily forgotten. I would love to take a course in the humanity of world history from an anthropological view.

Wildlife and ecology is a big part of my belief system in that the Earth is not ours to exploit but to be shared with all creatures. To take classes on how to help the Earth, its ecosystems, and its endangered species would be fulfilling in so many ways for me.

On a practical level, I would like to take classes in art- how to draw or paint. I have what I think are wonderful visions of what I would like to draw but I really struggle getting them onto paper. Nothing ever looks even close to how I imagine it. Yes, I really can barely draw a stick figure.
I would also like to continue my education in alternative healing modalities. I am an aromatherapist and have level 2 reiki degree. I would like to further educate myself in these areas and become more proficient in using herbs.

Speaking of herbs, I would also like to take some classes in cooking- I am a decent cook, but would love to get better at some ethnic foods, such as Chinese, Japanese, and even Thai.

Shoot, this is longer than I expected. I guess I really do like to learn.


9 responses to “Love for Learning

  1. This is great!!!! As far as the art goes, sister, don’t waste your money at a university! LOL! Join a group that is learing new mediums or go buy something and I’ll tell you how to use them! i often feel my self expression was squashed in the class room because no one took me seriously….I didn’t wear black daily and had a big bow in my hair! LOL!!!

  2. What a thirst for learning. I am sure you are younger by far than I was when I launched into learning about space exploration. Go for it, girl!!

  3. It is never too late to start learning. Our college offers many classes geared to the community as a whole, and not necessarily a part of the curriculum. Horticulture, art, photography, etc. You may want to check into something similar.

  4. I loved all the classes you wanted to take. I thought of the wildlife/ecology too but couldn’t think of what it was called. I will add that to my list!

  5. Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! Your list gets ME excited! Go do some of it, every single choice you listed is so interesting and valuable!

  6. I never paid attention to poli-sci classes in college either & wish that I did. A wildlife class would be really neat!

  7. Go!! Love your ideas and your interest in learning.. and cooking – now there’s a great idea for me that I had forgotten – thanks!

  8. I loved history classes in college. My professors really made everything interesting. That would be a great avenue to pursue, as would all the others.

  9. The world is so full of interesting things to learn about…you’ve got great dreams!

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