First Memory?

I have a truly awful memory of when I was little. I get little bits and pieces, sometimes a feeling, but rarely a “real” memory.

I remember preschool- I went to a school called Page School. I must have been around 4 years old. My dad would drop me off inthe morning and we would do what we called a “Page School Hug.” It was a real tight, arms wrapped around his neck type hug. As I think iof that today, it is a sweet thought since my dad is not typically a demonstarive person. To this day, I *think* I only heard him say I love you once. About a year ago, I was hanging up the phone and thought that is what he said. If only I had a rewind button!

Some other early memories involve playing at my cousins’ house and when my youngest cousin was born. I must have been around 6…?I remember my first “boyfriend.” he came to my house to hand deliver me a valentine. I was also about 5 or 6. I can still see my brother writing on the face of my beloved Raggedy Ann doll, and getting sent to bed without dinner. I remember that punishment being given to me too.

I remember some good, some bad way back then.


One response to “First Memory?

  1. You’ve managed to come up with a lot of early memories there Faerywings. Even if you Dad has difficulty saying ‘I Love You’ make sure you say it to him. At some point he won’t be there to say it too and you’ll always regret the missed opportunities.

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