Childhood Books

I grew up in a “Reading House.” My grandmother loved to read. We used to joke that we could sit her on the sofa with a book and a beer and we wouldn’t hear a peep from her all day. But we never did that because she was always making us laugh with her silly songs and stories too. My mother loves to read, and I would rather read than do many other things. My kids love to read and I am thrilled by that. I had written in someone’s comments how if you know and like to read, you can do anything in the world that you want.

As for my favorite childhood books:

  • Raggedy Ann and Andy Thank You, Please, I love You Book.
  • Nancy Drew- and when I could scam them from my brother- The Hardy Boys
  • Richard Scarry
  • Judy Blume books
  • Beverly Cleary
  • Gone With the Wind (yes, that is whenI was older, but I love it!)

My mom also took us to the library to get a book called “No Fighting, No Biting” about sibs that squabble. My kids now have that too- not that it keeps them from squabbling any more thanit did me and my brother. LOL

Even though I might not have passed on the particular books I read, I am so happy that my kids love to read. And they share books with me too, like the Harry Potters, Lemony Snicket, and Eragon.


2 responses to “Childhood Books

  1. I read Gone With the Wind in middle school. It is a very good book. And I had almost forgotten about Richard Scarry. I learned to spell a lot of words from those books.

  2. No fighting no biting can probably be recited word for word by my six oldest kids…its been read that many times…and they STILL squabble!

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