My Internet Homes

I used to have a fun internet life. Eight years ago I was in a pregnancy community, then the “playgroup” after our babies were born. I made some wonderful and close freinds from all over the world. Even though we haven’t “talked” in years, I sitll think of them often. We all helped each other through good and not so good times with our kids and husbands- and some ex’es as well.

Then five years ago, I become a member of a spiritual new-age-y board. it was very small and intimate and we lots of fun there. I became a mod, a teacher, and a writing for its online magazine. Now, it has become so large, I feel lost there. I guess 20,000 members will do that to a forum.

Now, I am more of a “poker.” I poke around, here and there. I look for digi-scrap sites (like DSP!), some knitting and crocheting sites, recipes ( and reward sites, Like myPoints.

It is funny in a way- I feel the same in my real life. Kind of a poker. Feeling a bit lost and looking for somewhere to belong. But not sure if I’d rather belong or be alone.

I have one additional home, my online business, Faery-wings Apothecary. I am a certified aromatherapist and make all natuyral bath and body care, all natural pet care, faery dusts and glitters, and custome made faery-wings to wear. I also do birthday parties for kids!

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4 responses to “My Internet Homes

  1. Wow! Sounds like you have it all together! I’ve looked at homeopathic remedies for my hiking ills and use things like arnica for my bruises and sores. I eat a lot of local honey to help my allergies. As for a groupie or a loner, I like you just the way you are!

  2. I’m a bit of a drifter myself. I think that helps to make us well rounded people Faerywings.

  3. I think for a while we all feel like we belong, then we go thru another phase where we are on teh search again.

    I know for myself I’m in the middle of that search again

    happy “poking”

  4. I just had to go look at your site. With this large mound of lavender and a thicket of lemon mint and sage, I am all into finding a way to use them. I know enough to harvest the lavender for sachets and baths, and use the sage at Thanksgiving. The rest I hope to learn at your site.

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