Scrapping for a while

What is your SCRAPBOOKING history? Did you start with paper or digital?

First of all I want to scare every one and say that my real scrap history began when I was in high school and I cut my pictures and glues them into scrapbooks with Elmer’s Glue and Magic Markers. LOL

I started paper scrapping around 5-6 years ago. I started out with one book for each of my kids. Now I have about 3-4 large three ring albums done for each. They span pre-birth to oh, about 6 months ago. Styles have come and gone in that time, but I was beginning to find that it was too expensive to keep up with the trends in paper scrapping.

I guess that is whyI like digital scrapping so much. I am on a tight budget, so I don’t have the extra money for $4.00 metal tags or $5.00 fibers. I love being able to create it all on my own, or to be able to find some great freebies. If I have to “splurge” I can get a nice set or some brushes etc for only a few bucks at the online stores.

I have been digi-scrapping for only a few months. I loved being part of DSP’s NKOTB and I hope to be able to go with that again in a few months.


7 responses to “Scrapping for a while

  1. Your journey sounds a lot like mine…I do not have the cash to go back to paper–way too expensive!

  2. It is great that digital came along for those who don’t have the extra cash or time to pursue scrapbooking.

  3. Yes, and when you DO splurge, you get something that you can keep on using, and using, and using, and……:)

  4. That is one way I showed my hubby that this was good for me. I showed him how I “save” money by not paper scrapping. Of course he keeps telling me that I’m spending money by buying kits. I then tell him that I’m saving money by reusing and recoloring them.

  5. Someone else who started young at scrapping! You’re right, digi is SO much cheaper..and I might try the next NKOTB too. Do I remember one of your layouts, wasn’t it a fairy and a magic ball? It was really beautiful. Hope I’ve remembered that right or I’ll be embarrassed 🙂 In NKOTB I found it really hard to start with a kit and find the photos, but maybe I’ll get better at that next time.

  6. It looks like I will have to be a NKOTB cheerleader this time. I will be watching and cheering you on.

  7. Yes, at least with digi supplies you can use them over and over. Paper supplies are expensive…I doubt I will do more than what I have. I just wish I could print my digital lay outs! Now that would be nice..

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