Will I need a table cloth for this dinner party?

Name 5 famous people, dead or alive, that you would like to invite to a dinner party, and why.

hoo boy, I have a bunch of names in my head, but I don’t know how well we would all get along. And i should proabably warn you guys that I tend to have strong opinions and a blunt way of expressing them. I mean absolutely no offense by this, so forgive me if I step on toes. It is not meant that way.

  1. Jon Bon Jovi
  2. Gearge W Bush
  3. Jesus
  4. Freud
  5. TBA!

Jon Bon Jovi has been my “crush” since I was 14. In some ways, I feel like we have grown up together. Back inthe 80’s, his music was all about romance, and fun and parties. Now, it has depth and maturity. Perspective as an adult. One of my favorite new songs is “Just Older” where he sings

I like the bed I’m sleeping in
It’s just like me, it’s broken in
It’s not old — just older
Like a favorite pair of torn blue jeans
This skin I’m in it’s alright with me
It’s not old — just older

I can relate to this so much more than a lot of the other music that is out there. Add in the cuteness factor, I just wanna give that man a hug. but I also admire him as a person. Married to his HS sweetheart, 4 kids, still a “real guy.” From everything I have read and seen about him, he is a good person. he cares a lot about NJ too. Yes, I am a Jersey Girl. LOL
I’d even want him to bring along his wife and kids- I bet they would be fun.

GWB. I just want to gove him a piece of my mind. I want him to wake up and see how far this society has gone- how America is not “of the people” or “for the people” unless the “people” are part of a corporation. I want him to explain to me, one on one, not PR prompts– why we are in Iraq, why we are killing the environment– ugh. Don’t get me started…..

Jesus. I would like to meet him- to see what really went down back then. I am not sure that the Bible is to be taken lterally, so I guess I would like to see what his life was like. And to see how he feels about what is happening in his name today. Perhaps he has some ideas some suggestions on what we can do.

Freud. I dunno, i think he’d be fun to have a party. Who wouldn’t want to be psycho-analyzed by him?? Maybe I should serve asparagus and oysters just to freak him out. LOLOL!!!

Again, dear readers- I am not trying to be fresh, or offensive. So hugs!


9 responses to “Will I need a table cloth for this dinner party?

  1. Wow, can I come, too? Sounds like a fun/interesting/enlightening bunch! Another Jersey girl here, now transplanted to Florida–no matter–there are lots of other NJ transplants here. LOL And you and I can double-team W together, get the straight scoop from JC, and ask Freud how often it happens that a cigar is just a cigar. TFS!!!

  2. I thought about GWB too because as a teacher, I want to tell him what a crock NCLB is and how disappointed I am in him and how I will vote for a democrat in the next election!! But decided I would ruin the dinner party if I invite him! (and I’m a republican!)

  3. While everyone was arguing, perhaps you could have a lovely one on one chat with Jon !?? I bet you’ve arranged the seating so you are right beside him??! LOL

  4. Alas I would not know Bon Jovi if he walked into a room and stood 1 foot in front of me. It’s not just him but any musician. Although I listen to a lot of music, it is what I like to hear not who is singing or playing it.

  5. I’d like to fight Judy for your TBA slot. Sounds like a great night.

  6. GWB would def be at my table…for both reasons you stated as well as what loonyhiker said…NCLB is a pitiful shame and so is the state America is in right now. I am curious as to what he THINKS about when he is alone. Does he think? Seriously I wonder sometimes. JBJ is still a hottie…

  7. ah a girl after my own heart…..Absolutely love Jovi! tho i put richie on my list! (seems like more of a party boy to me! hehe) oh and “just older” is one of my favourites as well! Tho nothing beats “Born to be my baby”.

  8. Wow! That should be interesting! Especailly with the TBA wild card!

  9. Sounds like a fun party! Very interesting conversationally!

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