Summer’s Here and the Living is Easy

Summer is here!! So, on the first day of summer, write about one of the five senses (related to your summer experience):

I can’t pick just one to write about! I love summer.

The smells of summer
Copppertone, ocean breezes, citronella, fresh berries
The sights of summer
haze (gotta love NJ!), traffic (again gotta love Nj….),flowers blooming, fireflies and frogs
The sounds of summer
Fireworks, splashing at the beach, kids bickering (it is true!), kids laughing, dogs slurping water
The touch of summer
Rubbing on tons of sunscreen and bug stuff, cuddling a chilly child wrapped in a soaking wet blanket at the beach, warm sun on my face
The tastes of summer
Garden fresh veggies- zucchini, Jersey tomatoes corn onthe cob, hot dogs and burgers ont he grill and pina colodas!


3 responses to “Summer’s Here and the Living is Easy

  1. Great list! Another thing I loved about NJ was the blueberries! The best blueberries must come from NJ!!

  2. What a great list. Love the bickering kids one, lol.

  3. As I’m heading to the Jersey shore next week for vacation, I LOVE your list!!

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