A Poem!?!????

So this is the day I decide that I am going to get back to blogging… and Meg wants us to write a poem?? *gasps and faints away*

OK, lets see…
There once was a man from Nantucket….

Nah, I guess that is not very appropriate.

Silly grins
Sticky chins
Sandy feet
In summer heat

Catching bugs
Soggy hugs
Collecting snails
In plastic pails

Setting sun
The day is done.
Time to cheer
and drink cold beer!

Ok, so I’ll never win an award, but hopefully I made someone reading this smile.


14 responses to “A Poem!?!????

  1. CompooperTeacher

    Yep . . . you made me smile. As I said to Bonnie, I can’t wait to see this in a layout!

  2. so cute! Such talent! Good to have you back.

  3. Big, big smile. Another one worthy of scrapping. I can see using this on a beach page or summer page.

  4. wonderful poem

  5. I agree, a layout with this poem will be sooooo cute. It is a lovely poem and I could visualise everything you wrote about! Simple but very very good!!

  6. how cute! you did a great job!

  7. You made me smile!

  8. Very cute! Love it! And glad you’re back!!

  9. What fun! You did a nice “Summer in a nutshell” poem!

  10. Great job! Very cool and summery…

  11. Welcome back! What a perfect summer poem – nice one!!

  12. I love it – really captures summer 🙂

  13. Oh I love this!!! You have to use it sometime, it perfectly captures summer life with a family!

  14. I love your poem! It’s the perfect summer read!

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