Today let’s think about “independence”. What does it mean to you? Your family? Your life? Your future?

This is a tough one to get my mind around. I am not sure I want to write about personal independence or political independence.
I think I am going to go with personal. Politically speaking, I feel strongly about the word “freedom” moreso than independent. I don’t think that the USA should be completely independent in these days of globalization. We should not be wholly reliant on other countries, whoever, we need to see our country as fitting into the bigger picture of sharing this Earth with other countries.
Well, enough of my political ramblings.
Independence is something that I crave on some levels and … fear? on others. Perhaps fear is a strong word… discomforting is more apt.
I want to be independent by choice. As in I want to be able to know how to take care of myself, and not need anyone for the basics in life. However, I do not wish to be independent in that way. I crave being past of a bigger community, starting with my immediate family, extended family, friends and neighbors. My mind set is community oriented where I want to be part of a unit that all chips in, helps one another. So in some ways, independence corresponds with isolation. And that is not something I would like at all.


10 responses to “Independence

  1. perfect words!

  2. Choice is a big part of what I feel independence is! Great ideas!

  3. Interesting idea about independence being isolation – thanks for the thoughts 🙂

  4. CompooperTeacher

    Very, very interesting. Deep and thoughtful. Wonderful job!

  5. love how you expressed your thoughts…

  6. Well said.

  7. I agree about wanting to know you can be totally independant but not actually wanting to be that way. It’s good to be able to do things yourself but nicer to thingswith others. 🙂

  8. Very interesting spin on the word…great post!

  9. I completely agree with the correlation between independence and isolation. The key is finding the balance…hard to do! Great post!

  10. Sounds like what you’re really looking for is interdependence.

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