Fairy Tales

It was a bit funny to me that this was Thursday’s prompt. For my DD’s summer journal prompt I gave her the topic of “If my life were a fairy tale it would be_____.”
Since I don’t really think that I had any favorite fairy tales, at least not that I can remember, I am going to use my prompt instead since I already know that answer to that one.

My life would be like Cinderella’s. There are days I feel like that demands of kids, pets, and husband make me feel like a maid. And even though I am married to my “prince” I wish that i could live in a more luxurious manner, where I was not the one getting all of the orders.
Can you tell I am feeling a bit burnt out today? *smiles*


3 responses to “Fairy Tales

  1. I know just how you feel. Sometimes I definitely feel like the maid around here too!! Hope you get to go to a palace ball soon 🙂

  2. I know exactly how you feel. Thank goodness for the past 9 years, my hubby has paid for a maid to come every other week to clean my house! Thank goodness for my prince!

  3. I wonder if the original storyteller who made up the Cinderella tale felt like that. I hope your “Fairy Godmother” comes along pretty soon.

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