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Write about your computer habits and space: When during the day you like to sit at the computer/email/scrap etc. Do you have snacks or coffee nearby? What about a pic of your computer space? (optional)What do you have on your desk, walls etc.

Today is so not a good day for me to be examining my “office.” Most days, I love this room- it is the first time since I was a child, that I have had a room that is just mine. Even if I do have to share it with the cats and dogs. I don’t mind as long as they don’t talk back. One of my chores for today is to get this room cleans ed. I will take before and afters and perhaps that will give me some incentive to get it done.

My office is a small room attached to my bedroom. It used to be the nursery when the kids were babies. Nothing else fir it in except for a dresser and crib. But since I started my business a few years ago, and then had an addition put on my home, I was able to claim this little spot for me!

In the room, I have a large L-shaped desk. I have several filing cabinets that store everything from folders of kids’ school files and report cards, to bills, to medical files for people and animals. A different cabinet holds some of the paper work for my business. On my desk is lots of computer stuff- scanner, photo printer, speakers, ipod etc. Under my desk is another printer, paper shredder, garbage can, and usually at least one dog. The hutch holds junk! CD’s notebooks and more junk. It is also the place where I keep the family talking stick, which I use when my kids get to squabbling. If they don’t take turns it is very handy to beat them over the head with it. LOL

The closet is the best part of the room. It is my supply closet for all of my products and ingredients for my business. It also holds lots of my paper scrapping products and other craft stuff. I love that the shelving lets me be able to see much of what is in there and I usually try to keep it organized.

The decor of my office is what I like best. I adore faeries and since my business name is Faery-Wings, I have decorated with faeries. I have plants and crystals and a few little fountains and it helps me to keep myself happy and centered in here.


6 responses to “My office

  1. It sounds like a lovely place, would love to see those pics! Be sure to post!hee hee. Can you tell me what your business is about? What do you do? It sounds fasinating, just the name alone. I agree with you about one needing a space you can call your own! My study is mostly my own and I need to the space!

  2. Looking forward to some before and after pics. Sounds heavenly.

  3. My business if Faery-Wings Apothecary and I make bath and body care, pet care, etc using essential oils, as well as other fun stuff like lip glosses, glitter gel (Faery Kisses) and faery dusts that are charged with Reiki and are scented according to purpose (ie “Joy” is yellow and scented with grapefruit essential oil). I also design and create sustom faery wings to wear, which is really so much fun to do. So i not only have to store ingrediewnts such as different oils (jojoba, sweet almond etc) and butters (olive, cocoa etc) micas, essential oils, fragracnce oils, packagine, soap molds, wire feather beads, glitters for the wings…. and the not so fun part of any biz- papaerwork! I need more than just one room, but that is all I am getting LOL

  4. Sounds wonderful…just like a little ‘playhouse’ or in your case, a ‘workhouse’!

  5. Wow, your own little space – it’s lovely!! Sounds like you have a good vibe happening in there! I love the window and the view of the greenery outside too.

  6. Excellent blog and thanks for the opportunity to share my thoughts here. I am very interested in the development of the paper shredder revolution, both for my masters degree and for my website. I’ve just begun to gather data on ID theft and similar crime and it seems this is truly a plague of modern society.

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    Enjoy your day!

    Mike R.

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