If I had a million dollars….

Ok, so not a million, …. if I found $100 free and clear…. and gave myself permission to completely selfish…no bills, no kids backpacks, no dr. appts…. what would I do with it??

My first thought would be to go shopping for some new clothes. At Kohls. Love that store and when they have sales $100 would go a long way. Maybe I’d get some new shorts, some sandals, a new handbag. Underwear? Perhaps as long as they were pretty, not simply comfy, although I usually wear Hanes her Way. Now they are comfy! 😀

If I didn’t go for the clothes, I might put it away for my camera. I have been saving for the Digital Rebel. I have $250 saved so far so another $100 would be great!

Maybe a manicure pedicure? *shrugs* Ahh, that just doesn’t last long. I want a lot of bang for my buck.

Once last idea- there is a restaurant by me that is simply the most amazing food ever and a reknowned wine cellar. We went once on a gift certificate and for two people, it was $125. That is such a far cry from Chili’s or Applebees! I would love for hubby and I to go back there and be romantic and mushy. LOL


8 responses to “If I had a million dollars….

  1. I hope you get to do some of the things you listed! Thanks for that qoute you left on my blog… powerful! I am going to write it on a sticky and post it on my mirror.

  2. Excellent choices I think. Tried to get Pan to buy a videocam instead of the wacom, but that was just out of reach, lol.

  3. It sounds like you are on the way to getting what you want. I agree about pedicures and manicures not lasting, but I have a gift certificate here for one of each…just have to find time to go. An hour massage is in the $100 range, too.

  4. Great list…I agree that a manicure is great, but not enough bang for your buck; dinner is an excellent choice.

  5. I agree, $100 is just not enough is it?

  6. I love Kohls. Went there last Saturday with my DD and DM. Had a good time!

  7. Your choices sound great to me except the pedicure! I can’t stand for anyone to touch my feet. Even now, just thinking about it, I’m cringing at the thought!

  8. I miss Kohl’s so much! That was my favorite store…I could spend so much money in there! I finally got a job there one Christmas season just so I could get the employee discount…LOL!

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