A Pet of My Own

Dr. Doolittle had a Pushme-Pullyou. What sort of weird creature would you like to have as a pet?
If so, these are my requirements:

  • Completely potty trained. Housebroken- whatever! No bodily function messes. At all. (Who wants to guess what I had to clean up from my puppy today?)
  • Listens on command
  • Never gets sick or has outrageous pet bills. Yes, I spend more on my pets’ health than on my family’s health.
  • Will not eat me out of house and home. Or eat anything in my house and home, including furniture.
  • Totally lovable, sweet cute and cuddly. That is a given and I am used to that. I have the sweetest fur-babies ever! (three cats, 2 dogs (one a lab puppy, the other is a geriatic mutt with cancer), and two pet rats)

8 responses to “A Pet of My Own

  1. Wouldn’t it be neat if God invented a pet that didn’t have any body waste!! Maybe someday this miracle will happen!

  2. Ah, a house trained animal is a wonderful thing!

  3. now I know why my only pets are fish!

  4. Because those really are the reqt’s for a pet at my house, you can see that I have none! LOL

  5. Yes, definitely sweet cute and cuddly and toilet trained! Sounds perfect ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. The rats would have to go! The rest dogs and cats are always welcome. I have a JackRat myself, named Mitzie. She is a wanaby lapdog.

  7. sounds like my choice!

  8. LOL. Now I remember why I didn’t get another pet.

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