Not over my dead body!

If it would be possible to implant some type of chip that would provide identifying information as well as something like a GPS system into a person’s body, would you do it? Would you put it into your child when he/she was first born?

If you would do it, what type of information would you consider having the chip contain? What could be done to change your mind?

If you wouldn’t do it, why? What could be done to change your mind?

What do you think the ramifications would be for this idea? What negatives and positives would come from it?

My goodness, no- not ever. (warning! warning!–Political rant coming ahead!). I have been extremely concerned about how much of our personal information the government has in its data bases without our knowledge. Not that I have anything to hide, but the Constitution was written to protect the average person from this type of “citizen monitoring.” In the ill of Rights, we are guaranteed to the rights to privacy. And that is important, very important to me.
The idea screams “Big Brother” and 1984 to me. I could go on and on about, what in MHO is illegal and unconstitutional, warrentless wire tapping, data mining, bank account monitoring and so on. But no one really wants me to do that, eh? LOL
I think they only thing that is positive that could come out of this is if a child is kidnapped that the authorities would be able to locate the child quickly.


7 responses to “Not over my dead body!

  1. I agree with you, espicially about the part the only thing good for is if the child is kidnapped. good post

  2. We think too much alike, lol.

  3. You’re right, the nearly only positive is about finding your child if something bad were to happen. The thing for me to consider is how much of my personal privacy am I willing to give up just for the POTENTIAL of my child’s safety and well-being.

  4. Maybe the thing we should be concentrating on is how we can protect our children from kidnapping. Surely there is a better way than chip implants.

  5.’s a complicated topic!! Maybe if they just put chips into our mobile phones?! (I don’t have one LOL)

  6. karen, that is too true. Excellent point.

  7. I totally agree with you and mentioned Big Brother too!

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