Yesterday’s prompt got me thinking about the human body and what it will put up with. What about the body amazes you? Are there changes with growth that seem strange? Stupid human tricks?

The thing that astounds and amazed me the most is the body’s ability to reproduce. When I think about how we create life- through cell divisions that eventually become organs, tissue, skin, bones etc. It is mind boggling. Even though there are cases where things don’t progress as they should in utero, just the face that any baby is born with 10 fingers and 10 toes is amazing. It is probably one of the most complex processes known to man, yet no one really *knows* do they? Mostly we accept that egg meets sperm and out comes baby. How does the cells know what to do? And when it should do?

And then, at birth, it is even more incredibly how this tiny blob of cells becomes the center of your world.


4 responses to “Amazing

  1. That always amazes me too… if I questioned if there was a God before I was pregnant, I certainly had no question after going through the process of giving birth!

  2. Agreed! What a miracle–something we as humans will probably never fully understand.

  3. It is amazing.. and an awesome thing to experience.

  4. I agree…it is all amazing! And we are wonderfully made!

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