OMG! *laugh-snicker-snort*

Give us an example of your voice. What phrases do you say a lot? Do you use them in your writing as much as you do vocally or do you “clean up” your writing?

Well, you all want to know about my “voice.” Ya sure? LOL I have an interesting voice, both vocally and in writing. I have a lot of catch phrases that I use when I talk, most of which must date me with the younger crowd.

  • Nice! Awesome! Sweet!
  • Frickin’ (not my most nicest phrase, but better than the alternative)
  • Yay!!

I also use a lot of exclamation points when I write. Just in case you didn’t notice ha ha! I also talk with a of of exclamation points. Maybe is stems from being a PreK teacher. or maybe I was a good PreK teacher because I use lots of inflection and excitement when I talk.
As a little aside, both of my kids do this too. Their teachers always comment how they read aloud and write very expressively. If I can remember, I’ll try to dig up a bit of their writing and post it. They crack me up. And- that is another phrase I use often- crack me up. Which brings me to the excessive use of LOL’s I use. Sad to say, but I really do crack myself up as I write or when I read other’s writings. I do. One day, I’ll be missing because the men in the white coats will have grabbed me and taken me to the “place where life is beautiful all the time! ha hahee ho!….. (Did I date myself again???)

Another feature of my writing is how I write in incomplete sentences. Apologies all around to my many English teachers who taught me better. But that is how I think, so that is how I write. I think in short bursts. I talk in short bursts. Yet both of these show how many times I interrupt myself. My stream of consciousness is more like a tornado. Maybe an earthquake…. Either way, trying to follow my train of thought is a disaster. Nuff said.

Anyway, I could go on and on about my wacky thoughts and writings and voice. But if you have been reading my blog, you already know it!

PS: To all of my English teachers, if need be, I still do know how to write an academic paper, it is just nice not to have to. *grins*


2 responses to “OMG! *laugh-snicker-snort*

  1. Yay!!!!! Awesome, sweet!!! LOLOLOL me too…. !

  2. Totally dudette…. LOL. I use that a lot too “LOL.”

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