Proposal = Happy Tears

How were you proposed to? (if not yet married, how would you like to be proposed to?) And did you like your proposal, if you could choose one , what would you like to have happened?

The way hubby proposed to me was really sweet. We had been talking about getting married from the time we were together for only a few months. He was the guy that I met at a party I shouldn’t have been at- looked at him and said, that is the man I am going to marry. We were together for 5 months at Christmas time, when he gave me a “pre” engagement ring. At about 8 months or so, we started looking at ring style ideas. His dad’s best friend was a jeweler so Gary really wanted to help design and make the ring, which he did. However, as our one year anniversary got closer, he kept telling me that the ring wasn’t going to be ready by then, as we had planned.

So our one year anniversary hits, and we had plans to go to the restaurant where we had our first date- (I even requested the same table which was a crappy little one by the support beam pole, got weird looks from the waitress at that request-). As he was picking me up at my house, my mom said how pissy I looked. Well, I was pissy! I was hoping to get engaged, and it wasn’t happening.

So we get to the pub. And while we are waiting for our dinner, he hands me a card(one of the few mushy cards I ever got from him LOL) and is says how much he loves me. He signs is “All you have to do is say yes.” Confused, I say Yes?
And out pops a little black velvet box with my ring in it. I Was jumping up and down and crying and laughing. The bartender sent over some beers in honor of the moment.

It was exactly as I had hoped. Happy, tearful and surprised!


10 responses to “Proposal = Happy Tears

  1. Awww…how romantic! I’m having so much fun reading these stories 🙂

  2. Yes! What glynisb said…Awwwwww

  3. So funny… you were “pissy” and then he “gotcha!”… very romantic and sweet!

  4. what a super duper way of being proposed to. It’s like awww and out of the story I think. He totally had yo fooled *hahahaha*

  5. Fooled you, didn’t he? How wonderful for you both.

  6. Oh, I’m crying again!! I love that he was able to surprise you! What a great man!

  7. That is a sweet story! How cute to have something so fun and romantic to recall! The bartender should of sent over champagne not beer though! (hee )

  8. That’s a lovely story 🙂

  9. what a great story. I love how he surprised you with the ring.

  10. This was so romantic! And I bet you are sorry you didn’t listen to your mother!!!

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