One Slice at a Time

What is the best advice you ever received? What was the situation, and did the advice help?

This is going to sound corny but my dad gave me this advice when I was in college and completely overwhelmed by my course load. He told me the riddle:
Q: How do you eat an elephant?
A: Once slice at a time.

the point of that was to not look at the whole situation, but to work on breaking it down into smaller bits. It helped somewhat when I was in college, but it wasn’t until I became a full time SAHM that I really put that advice to good use. Although I think it would have helped better if he used a huge chocolate mountain as an example rather than an elephant!


6 responses to “One Slice at a Time

  1. Dads are always good for advice…and his is perfect!

  2. That’s a good piece of advice. Not chocolate though, it might be too tempting to eat all at once!

  3. I remember getting some advice like that once too. Only it wasn’t an elephant….can’t recall what animal it was though.

  4. How appropriate that was! Now if I can just do my housework that way.

  5. I think that is why I am a big list maker. That way I break up all of my “gotta dos” into small achievable steps. This way it is not so overwhelming. Great advice!

  6. I agree with Pat!I am too am a great list maker and that way I get things done “one slice at a time” as a mom you have to learn you get everything done all in one day. Good Advice and thanks for sharing!

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