Me, On Survivor? Not a chance?

Do you think you could ever be on the TV reality show, Survivor? If so-why?
What do you think would be your weakness’s, strengths? If not-why?

I do like to camp, don’t mind dirt, sun, physical activity and so on, but I could never ever ever ever be on Survivor. or any reality series.

I would not do Survivor for these reasons:

  • Bugs
  • More bugs
  • Other icky creatures
  • No ice cream
  • Need a comfy bed- I have a bad back
  • Where would I get my Zoloft refilled???????
  • Need of my own space and privacy, seriously. A few days of being around people with no break would make me insane.

All other reality shows:

  • I am too “nice.” Meaning I work with others, I am honest and caring. I hate Reality shows because most people on them are back stabbing bitches. I can’t play that game. Money is not worth losing my personal values and character.

There are many other reasons, but it will just make me aggravated and I don’t want to start my day that way. 🙂


3 responses to “Me, On Survivor? Not a chance?

  1. I think you’re right about the privacy thing, depends on the people you were with, some would drive you bananas for sure!

  2. I’m with you all the way. I have no idea what a Zoloft is, but I want mine refilled too.

  3. All good reasons for not participating, but I especially agree about the greediness and back-stabbing. Who wants to win money that way?

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