In Laws? Outlaws?

How did you first meet your in-laws? Impressions?

Ye gods, when I first met my InLaws, I was so intimidated by them, especially by his mom. Looking back, I don’t really know why, but I was. Perhaps it was because I knew from the very beginning that he was The One. I felt that his dad liked me, but Mom, I simply could not read her.

Here is is 16 years later and I am so blessed to have them in my family. I work for my MIL- kind of like her personal assistant. I clean her house, work on her accounting- odd jobs here and there. I have a flexible schedule and can work at home on occasion. It is just one day a week, but every little bit helps. She pays well and we have a lot of fun together too.

My FIL has been a godsend over the last two years while hubby was sick. He has helped in so many ways.

I know too many people who don’t get along with their parents and/or their IL’s. I am so incredibly fortunate to have wonderful relationships with both.

PS: That is not to say they are perfect or calm! Not at all! But heartfelt. And that is what really matters.


One response to “In Laws? Outlaws?

  1. You are blessed to have such nice IL’s and your MIL sounds like a lot of fun.

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