TV shows

Of all the TV programs, which one have you watched the most? Why?
Is it connected in some way to your life and/or perspective?

I am actually not much of a tv person, I would rather read than watch tv. But in the last year, since we got the DVR (digital recorder, like Tivo) with our cable package, it feels like i am watching more tv than ever.

Right now I like mostly the crime dramas; CSI, NCIS, Law and Order and so on. I used to like comedies, like Friends but my life seems pretty serious still. Doesn’t feel like there is much to laugh at.

However I am enjoying a couple of comedies. I gotta get my Jon Stewart/Steven Colbert fix. I watch the re-runs at 8-9 pm. They are always good for a laugh. I recently heard that there are Stewart/Colbert for Prez t-shirts. I think I should get one– I’d vote for them.


6 responses to “TV shows

  1. Great to see you back…you’ve been missed!

  2. I missed you too and glad you are back! I have DVR too but I hardly use it because I don’t watch much live TV and forget I can watch the DVR stuff.

  3. Hey! Welcome back!!! You’ve definitely been missed….even by this ‘ol republican, LOL!!!!

  4. And another welcome back. It is odd I was just thinking about you yesterday.

  5. I just got Tivo and love it – at least when I want to watch TV I can watch something I actually want to see! Before that I was wondering why I even pay for basic cable!

  6. We live by TIVO here I can’t stand commercials especially now in the US with all the campaign ads.

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