Ummm, maybe I should do this one later….

If you procrastinate, what is your most popular excuse
and why?

My procrastination ties into my perfectionism. I want it to be perfect. So if I want to make a special dinner, I want to wait until the house is clean, and everyone is happy. (no they don’t ever seem to happen at the same time.

Or I want to be able to have “enough” time. When I paper scrapped I “had to have” at least a few hours, I couldn’t just pull out a few things and squeeze in a bit here and there. And that mentality goes for many things in my life. This is hard because due to my schedule- kids, bus stop runs, errands, working, karate, gymnastics,etc– there are very few decent chunks of time in my life. (Which is a huge reason I love to digi-scrap!)
It makes it “easy” to procrastinate because it seems like never enough time to get started, let alone finished.
And for the record, I started this one yesterday morning and here I am, finishing it up today. 🙂


4 responses to “Ummm, maybe I should do this one later….

  1. Time is always a issue, but at least you know with RE to perfection, that when you have done something, you have done it properly and the way you like it. I feel like you do sometimes! I am too, a bit of a perfectionist! Nice to see you back here!

  2. You hit the other nail on the head – most procrastinate on things they don’t want to do which is true for me too, but I also procrastinate about things I’d love to do because I want it to be PERFECT! Then whatever it is becomes so overwhelming to “do it right” that I keep putting it off. I’m trying to not be so perfect lately.

  3. I believe we all feel like what is the point if it isn’t going to be just so. But then I wonder how many ‘perfect’ things we have missed because of the way they would have turned out. Just a thought.

  4. Hey Stacey you can make procrastination work for you. I’m an Olympic standard procrastinator (I’m checking out blogs right now instead of doing what I’m supposed to be doing). I wrote a post on Procrastination as a Productivity Tool. you might like to check it out.

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