A new holiday

Create a new holiday (e.g. Talk Like a Pirate Day). Include the origins and any special rituals of your day

Once upon a time, long long ago, people were happy and carefree. They would laugh and smile. Games would be played with other people. Conversations were about plans for the day, and how to make the day as enjoyable as can be. Little People would run about, with big grins and rosy cheeks as they chased after balls or dug in the dirt to find bugs.

Then the Dark Times came and everything became so serious. Responsibilities and “issues” kept people quiet and busy. Too busy to play. Everyone seemed to be under a cloud of gloom and worry. It was a very sad time.

Then The Faery-Fun Queen decided enough was enough. She waved her beautiful magic faery wand and sprinkled Faery-Fun Dust over the land. It was as if a kaleidoscope of good times and laughter rained down upon the Busy People. They stopped and looked at each other. Slowly, their serious faces began to smile. Laughter, a sound not herd for many years, rang out. The Little People, afraid to make a sound started to giggle, then laugh! It was a magical moment. Once again, the land was a joyful one.

In honor of the Faery-Fun Queen, every day is now declared to be a Happy One. To celebrate the day, smiles and laughter must be seen and heard. People must look forward to having time to relax and be with other happy people. Children are required to be kids. “issues” and worries must be put aside for a part of the day, so that the heart may smile as well.

Long live the Faery-Fun Queen!


6 responses to “A new holiday

  1. Gotta get me one of those wands.

  2. LOL Karen, my thoughts exactly. Sounds great. I’ll have some of that faery-fun dust PLEASE?!?!?

  3. Long live the Faery Queen…..

  4. This would make such a great children’s book! I even smiled as I read this!

  5. i was thinking exactly the same thing as Pat! You should write childrens books! very nice post

  6. you had fun writing this!

    write some more to entertain us! 🙂

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