Love Letters

Do you have a box of old love letters stashed away somewhere?
Who are they from?
If they’re not from a current significant other, why have you kept them?
Any quotes you can share?

To say that I never dated guys who would even think of writing a love letter is an understatement. So no, I don’t have anything like that. However I do have a few cards dh has given to me since we have been together where he wrote a meaningful sentence or two.

But I do have love letters from my kids. In fact, here is a bit of one from my dd.

Dear Mom, Hope you class was good. I miss you a lot. Grandma was good, but your better. Robots was sily. I love your smile yor love is wot keps me alive…..

Is that not the sweetest thing???


8 responses to “Love Letters

  1. Oh my goodness how sweet is THAT????

    I have no comment that says just how wonderful that letter is, and I am sure you read it all the time (I know I would lol)

  2. too, too sweet. maybe you could frame it someday…

  3. How darling. Definitely a keeper and better than a love letter from an old beau.

  4. That is so sweet!!

  5. That is just too cute for words. I bet you are going to keep that love letter.

  6. That love letter from your child is wonderful!

  7. Absolutely sweet!

  8. What a wonderful letter. I got choked up reading it and she’s not even my daughter!

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