I just finished introducing my parents to the wond…

I just finished introducing my parents to the wonders of Tivo, then I went in their kitchen and programmed the coffee maker for their early vacation departure tomorrow. I have the code to their voicemail and garage door opener and the remotes to about 57 different electronic devices.

Oh this is too funny a topic! My family finally talked my parents into getting a computer and digital camera recently.
My dad has had a computer for a few years, but he mainly uses it too play solitaire or to check email. And he had my mom so scared to death that she would “break it” that she wouldn’t touch his at all.
I told her how inexpensive they were now, and how more comfortable she would be on her own machine. A few months ago, she got her first Dell. It has been interesting (to say the least) trying to teach her how to do some simple things. The language gap is very broad! LOL How do you describe the differences in browser, an OS, your Internet connection and a home page in simple terms? Dang tough, ya know?!

She got a digital camera for Xmas. My mom is famous for cutting people’s heads off, or taking pictures that no one knows what it is. She has carried her camera and book around since Christmas and I think she has taken all of three pictures. With me by her side, coaching her all the way. (And this is in Full Auto!)

You don’t realize how the tech language has become second nature to you until to try talking to someone else who doesn’t speak that language.

I can’t wait to have my own children teach me about some new fangled device in the year 2035 and have them give me that exasperated look that I sometimes get.


3 responses to “I just finished introducing my parents to the wond…

  1. I’ve worked in the world of IT for 12 years and I can speak with authority in IT-speak but I still don’t understand any of it. Go figure.

  2. My mom is a computer programmer and she still doesn’t understand half of the stuff I talk to her about the internet. LOL. I get so frustrated but it’s hilarious at the same time.

  3. lol….this is a great post! My boys teach me things all the time now. I can only imagine how I will be 20 years from now.

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