Day 2- of the blogging

I think that that I am pulling myself back together again- and I feel pretty good today. I like being able to sleep in a bit (ok, 7 am isn’t *really* sleeping in, but it sure beats 5:30!) and not having to rush around in the morning.
I am going to capitalize on the decent mood and really get positive today!

My Grats:
1. The sun is shining, the fresh air is in my house.
2. SMILE!!!!
3. That I still have the ability to pull myself together- it shows me I am not lost yet! YAY!

I have read The Secret and I listen to some podcasts on the Law of Attraction. I haven’t attracted any wealth, that is for sure (at least not so far *wink*) but I do see a huge difference when I try to keep positive thoughts and emotions, rather than the negative. It is like the black cloud gets a few breaks in it and I can see some sun!


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