How tiring!

So yesterday was an interesting day for me- I was working at my MIL’s- driving down- when I hear that a tanker truck had flipped over on the highway I usually take to her house. I hit some of the back roads but took a wrong turn on one of them- I was going towards my mom’s house, not my MIL’s! It was the scenic route
On the way home, the highway was still closed, so I took another back road. Going along fine, until the road is closed- an bad accident had just happened- I was literally about 10 cars away from it. The police had us detouring all around. And with the highway still closed all of the other roads and highways were a mess! It took me an hour and a half to get home- usually about 40 minutes. And it took me an hour to get there.

But the good thing about it all was that I had more time to listen to my talk radio- the hosts were all talking about  the Primaries from Tuesday. It is really looking good for Obama! I hope that the party can get it together soon and just put our hearts into getting a Democrat into the White House.

My grats:
1. That on my way home, I left a couple minutes later than I usually do- because that couple of minutes could have made a difference in that accident.
2. For the rain watering my plants!
3. For the rain- I am working from home today and the rain keeps me inside where I have to get my work done. No distractions with gardening LOL
4. For coffee!!!!!!


One response to “How tiring!

  1. Wow, I am glad you missed the accident hun (((hugs))) But I laughed hard that you were heading to your moms not your MIL’s LOL Thats the sort of daft thing that I would do!!

    Actually I am hoping that Obama gets in as President, it will be awesome for a Democrat to get in!!

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