Lymeapalooza Two!

This really better become a “regular” thing for us Lymies because I had so much fun meeting up with everyone yesterday! For those who don’t know about Lymeapalooza, this is a meeting of a bunch of members from the Lyme forum at We met up in September ’07 and then again yesterday. We meet in Battery Park City, NYC- at this great little park. Most of us show up wearing green, so we kinda stand out. Haha!

It is so amazing talking to other people with Lyme disease. All of the struggles, the medicines and the Lyme humor! Why is it so much fun comparing our “Lyme-Brain” moments? Who knows, but it really helps to feel not so alone.

My mother in law, recently diagnosed with Lyme, and my FIL came with us. I think it was really good for both of them as well. Mom made some good contacts and Dad got to hear stories very similar to ours. See- its not all in our heads! LOL

Most of the Lymies were in NYC to see the premiere of Under Our Skin, a documentary about Lyme. More About the Film here. Gary and I wanted to go, but the tickets were more than we could afford, so we hope that our friends give us a great review! As soon as it comes out on DVD (fingers crossed that it does) we are buying it!

Gary and I took a bunch of pictures of the group- I’ll post them as soon as I get them off my camera.


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