The Good, the Bad, and the Funny

I have good news, bad news and funny news.

The good news is that my Brain SPECT test was run- and they didn’t say my brain is missing– nor am I pg. LOL They made me do a pg test even though my tubes are tied. I said to Gary, the way our luck runs, it will come back positive hahahahah!! But, whew- everything went well. I’ll prob. get the results at my next dr appt in the 27th.

Bad news: While I was waiting for the test, the kids’ Lyme dr calls on my cell. Caitlyn has tested positive for bartonella. So we now have Gary, Scott and Cait positive for bart. and a strong suspicion on me.

The funny news: Cait and Scott both started on their bart. abx- Rifampin- last night at dinner time. Now the funny thing about Rifampin is that one of the side effects it that it makes your pee, poop, saliva and tears a reddish-orange-y color. We explained this to the kids so they would not be alarmed. Soon after taking his dose, Scott needs to go to the bathroom. We hear him peeing, then a loud “Darn, its still yellow!!” The three of us were laughing soooo hard!!
About a half hour later, Cait goes to pee- we hear a “cool- its orange!”
After Scott takes his shower, he runs out saying- “Its orange now!! Its ornage now!”
And yes, I have already warned him, he is *not* allowed to show/charge kids a quarter at school to see his orange pee.


One response to “The Good, the Bad, and the Funny

  1. lizzie tanners

    Funny story. I’m sorry you have bart though but I think your kids are great.

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