OW! OW! Owwww!

Who the hell’s idea was it for me to get braces? Huh? Wasn’t one time- 6 long years- of my life enough? But no, I had to go and do it all again. Oh yeah, it was my dentist’s idea- after he saw how my front teeth were chipping away and the oral surgeon’s who said that my wisdom teeth weren’t doing any favors (not making me any wiser- that was for sure!).

But I guess I thought it would be easier the second time around. I decided to get Invisaligns instead of metal. And yeah, they are cool because you really can’t see unless you are close to me. But they hurt the same as metal, at least as it comes to cutting my mouth up really badly.

How ironic is it that I recently threw out my son’s old orthodontic wax? I thought I’d seen (and tasted) the last of that stuff. But now I have it packed all around the trays, hoping that the cuts on my tongue will heal. And I am also hoping that I’ll stop drooling and lisping soon too.

This is *not* am attractive look for someone who is going to be 40 in a month hahahaah!!!!

It could be worse- I could have teenage acne too, right? And boyfriend problems. So I am wayyyy better off than I was when I was in High School!


One response to “OW! OW! Owwww!

  1. Ahh, honey, I am sorry that you had to go through all that. I got braces on when I was 20 and I worked at the dental surgery at the time. I loved taking impressions of people’s mouths but hated it myself, gag city LOL. Useless info, do you know the powder used to make the impression is actually made from seaweed! LOL bet that makes it all the better!!

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