Yes- I do have a brain! Its just a bit inflamed….

Got my Brain SPECT results yesterday. Thank goodness, because I was not about to head into Columbia Univercity Med Center *one more time* for it!

For those lucky people who have never had a brain SPECT it is like and MRI/PET scan, but a bit more high tech. And radioactive. I was radioactive for a few days after, not to mention the lovely bruise that traveled up my vein like a medical track mark. Ewww!

Anyway, the results did indeed show “Moderate” levels of inflammation. Normal scans have no inflammation. Abnormal scans show mild-moderate- severe.
Gary’s scan also showed Moderate inflammation when his was done last year.
Basically, it doesn’t change anything, but it does indeed confirm that I have neurological Lyme- meaning that it has entered and is affecting my central nervous system. And, more importantly, it does add another piece in the skimpy arsenal of Chris vs The Insurance Company hahahhah!

I guess it should make me happy- I am not stupid I do have a brain, it just doesn’t like to work very well on occasion- you know, mostly when I try to talk or need to remember things!

I kinda wish I had a copy of the scan- I bet it looked pretty!

Here is a picture of a Lyme Brain, not mine but I guess mine would look similar.

So, there it is- a brain is in there- along with a bunch of brain eating spirochetes. It doesn’t get any better than that.


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