Lyme Brain Attacks Again!

If you have never experienced Lyme Brain, you might just think that we are exaggerating. Sure everyone has airhead moments. These are way beyond airheadedness. It is straight into the realm of “what was I thinking? Oh, yeah, I wasn’t!

Yesterday morning, I am doing the routine of getting the kids ready for school. I keep myself on a regular pattern, and I know I have 4 things to do.

  1. Kids breakfast
  2. Pack lunch boxes
  3. Scoop litter boxes
  4. Run a load of laundry

I have finished #1 and the kids are eating. I move onto #2. Scott wanted sugar free pudding for snack. I grab one from the fridge, put it in his lunch box. A minute later, I go bake to the fridge, grab one, drop it in his lunch box.Then I do something else for a minute (most likely walk in circles wondering what I am supposed to be doing). I go back to the fridge, look around, wondering where all the rest of the puddings went. I grab the last one, go to put it in his lunch box, and see the other two already in there!!

All in a matter of 5 minutes total, I had put three pudding cups in his lunch box, not even rememebering I had done it all. When I showed Scott, he laughed at the Lyme Brain, but then was bummed out that I realized what I had done– 3 puddings for snack would have been ok with him!

So what are your Lyme Brain stories? Share them if you can remember them hahaha!!!


One response to “Lyme Brain Attacks Again!

  1. Boy 3 pudding snacks! Oh my gosh..thats sounds just like me. When I have a day like that..which will probably come soon, I’ll let you know my story;-) lol

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