Yeah, everyone in my family got me yesterday. They got together and threw me a Surprise birthday party. My birthday is coming up in a few days, and seriously– it is just another day. Who cares about turning 40? But I guess no else agreed Since when does my family listen to me anyway? *shrugs* LOL

But it was cool- just family and a few close friends. The biggest surprise is how my kids kept it quiet from me. Maybe I need to worry a bit more- they are getting to be a bit too good with keeping secrets from their mom.

Gary took a few pictures, but the grandparents took a lot more. I hope to see them soon. Here is one of me and Kathy- my fab sis-in-law. Do you like my “hat”? Yup, they were Mickey Ears!

The coolest gift I got was a Shutterfly album that Chuck, Kathy, my parents and my kids helped put together. A real “It’s Your Life- the last 40 years Book! I love it!

When I get some more pictures, I have to post them too.


2 responses to “Surprise!!!

  1. Oh my word…that is fabulous!!! You look the cutest too! I am so glad you had a great time! That has to be the most thoughtful gift that they made you that book!! They rock! 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday!!

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