Fight the Good Fight:Inspiration from Vicki Stegall

As you can see from this blog, I am a devoted fan and follower of the Oscraps web site, designers, forum members- all of the *O.* Vicki Stegall is one of the most amazing, talented and inspirational designers out there. Not to mention she is one of the biggest sweethearts I know!

She designed this minikit as part of the 52 Inspirations Subscription. The word art just spoke to my soul. I knew I was gonna have to use it in a digital layout and soon!

I sometimes forget how tough my kids are, fighting the Lyme fight. I had this picture of the two of them from out Lymapalooza Two meeting last month, Their attitudes towards Lyme Disease seems to show through on their faces.And it matches the word art that Vicki designed.

Here is the layout- Vicki- thank you for the inspiration. And Scott and Cait- thank you both for being such good fighters

Click image for credits.


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