Awesome Birthday Dinner- Yum and Fun!


40 is now the new 30! Cheers!


Birthday Hugs from Mark


Old friends!

Jenn took me to dinner at The Copper Bottom, this awesome restaurant in Florida NY. Jenn used to work with Trixter – just a few years ago smile_wink– you know, in the early 90’s. Trixter‘s drummer, Mark Scott now owns this fab restaurant so we decided to go and get some star treatment of our own for my birthday.

What a blast! Not only did we get awesome treatment by everyone in the place, the food was to die for! And I had the best company. (And nice adult company too—I love my kids but is sure as hell was nice not having to hear them bicker. Not that Jenn and I have never bickered- we sure have, but we don’t do that all that much any more heh!)

So from the company, the drinks- champagne!- the food and the wonderfully relaxing atmosphere- it was a totally fun birthday dinner.


One response to “Awesome Birthday Dinner- Yum and Fun!

  1. really gorgeous pics!!! Love how you had a great time!! You deserve it, darling!!

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