New Habit: Day 1

This feels kinda weird- but I am going for it! MY new habit is to do sit ups every day. After I can get going on that, who knows what will happen next… push-ups?? LOL
But Day 1 7-1-08 I did 15 sit-ups.
Stop laughing! I’m sick and weak remember! smile_angelLOL Lyme has a bad way of really making you tired and weak- so IMO- 15 sit-ups is a great start.

Ok- you can laugh now- 15 is really quite pathetic. But I am planning on adding more as I feel comforatble. And as with everything with Lyme, some days I am going to be able to do many more, others, maybe only one or two.

But I am promising you Sally-even if it *kills* me I will do at least one sit-up every day.smile_regular


2 responses to “New Habit: Day 1

  1. Chris – WAHOOOO!!! 15 is awesome! don’t knock yourself! That is 15 more then you did yesterday right! I bet if I tried it I so wouldn’t get anymore then 15 either! Tooot!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Good job! 15 sit ups is way more than I did. LOL. You go, girl!

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