New Habit: Days 2 and 3

I would have been laughing if I wasn’t so scared I would have a tongue down my throat when doing my sit ups last night. The Doofus, aka, Ravyn, our black lab, was sitting over my and every time I came up in the crunch, I got a lick. Then a bigger lick, then each time I got up- the kisses turned into slobbers!!

I did manage to get in 20 sit-ups. But could I have done more or less with Ravyn somewhere else? I don’t know, the kisses and nuzzles were kind of sweet- but the slobbers– not so much 🙂

Since we are going to be off line for a few days, I decided to get my sit-ups in early so I could post. I did 20 again. I am not pushing myself, just going with what is comfortable. I plan on doing them every day this weekend- and I’ll make sure I post back (with honesty!) on Monday.

Hope you all rock along with your habits too!


One response to “New Habit: Days 2 and 3

  1. Chris!! That’s fabulous about the situps…the slobber not so much! 🙂 We have a black lab too and he does the same thing thinks it’s playtime!

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