New Habit: Days 8 and 2

Not much to say but I am getting into this habit deal- I Yesterday was a crazy one. Ran all over, all day. Buuuut- I knew I had made a promise to my dear friend Sally that i would keep up my habit. The ACV was easy enough- drinking cold acidic water while running around on a hot and humid day is pretty easy.

The sit-ups, well, that was a little harder to squeeze in, but I did it. I only did 10- because that was all I had time for. I was on my way to the vet- had let Harley out so she wouldn’t “go” at the vets and got in 10 good sit-ups before she scratched to come back in. My lesson here is that by not putting the pressure on myself to do a certain amount, I can do just as many as I have time for- and 10 is better than none.

And the weird thing- I am already thinking about adding in one more habit next week- but we’ll have to see how it goes….


One response to “New Habit: Days 8 and 2

  1. WOOOOTTTT!!! Way to go Chris…that’s a fabulous way to think…..I need to adopt that. Stay strong and positive!!

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