New Habits- the last two days

Oops, I got a little behind on posting. It has been such a busy week between work and appts for kids and dogs and cars oh my!

I did my sit ups each day- I guess two days ago was day 10 and 4- and I did 12 sit ups on my way out the door. I didn’t get home until 9 pm, so I decided to pass on drinking a big bottle of acv and water before bed. Yesterday was days 11 and 5 and I did 29 (woot!) sit-ups and had my acv before I even left for the lake with the kids.

I really feel like my stomach is getting a bit stronger- so that is good news. The poochiness is still there (again, no sense of patience with me!) but I might have to come to terms with it. I think this up coming week- I *may* add something for my arms….. we will have to see.


One response to “New Habits- the last two days

  1. Keep it up, girlie! You are rocking it!

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