Blending Modes in ACDSee 2008

I have been having such fun with new blending modes in ACDSee Photo Editor 2008. I typically used Photoshop CS2 for more advanced blending techniques, but after I finished these last few layouts, I am now convinced that ACDSee Photo Editor 2008 is an easier way to go.

This is one of my new favorite all time layouts. Sorry Scott, but it is true- you are one cool dude. I used a grungy paper from Vicki Stegall’s Rock On Kit. Then I stretched and cropped my photo so it covered the paper completely. I tired out several of the blending modes and narrowed my choice down to either Overlay or Hard Light. I liked the way that the waves showed through  using Hard Light. The final layout has a hard and grungy feel to it and  took very little time at all to accomplish. Both things are perfect when you have a pre-teen boy running amok at home!

Here is another layout I did using ACDSee Photo Editor 2008. This one has a totally different feel than the one I did of Scott.

First I chose a softly textured paper, from the Oscraps July Collab kit, O’Escape. On top of that I used a photo that featured a natural scene of waters and rocks. I used the Hard Light Transfer Blending mode again for this layout, but for a more blended look, I reduced the Opacity to 60%.

Click images for full credits.


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